We help media platforms meet their public responsibilities

The Center for Social Media Responsibility addresses the negative effects of broad access to the means of public communication, while amplifying positive effects.
Broad access to public communication has had unintended consequences: harassment; a credibility vacuum; a race to the bottom in the competition for attention; a triumph of mobilization within echo chambers over persuasion across political fault lines.
Technologists at social media companies (product managers, designers, and engineers) are the day to day policy makers of today's social media landscape. The Center for Social Media Responsibility (CSMR) articulates principles and creates metrics and tools that empower technologists to set responsible policy.

The Iffy Quotient measures how well media platforms are doing at managing the flow of misinformation. Click here to interact with the Iffy Quotient dashboard.

People "fly to quality" news on social sites when faced with uncertainty

 When information becomes a matter of life or death or is key to navigating economic uncertainty, as it has been during the COVID-19 pandemic, it appears people turn to tried-and-true sources of information rather than iffy sites that have become a greater part of the social media news diet in recent years.CSMR has published a […]

Press release: New version of Iffy Quotient shows steady drop of questionable information on social media, partners with NewsGuard for better data

 A press release has been issued by Michigan News on CSMR seeing a continued decline in questionable content on Facebook and Twitter. This finding comes courtesy of the newest version of our Iffy Quotient metric, the first of our platform health metrics designed to track how well media platforms are meeting their public responsibilities. The latest Iffy Quotient figures […]