University of Michigan Experts Discuss Facebook & Cambridge Analytica

University of Michigan Teach-out on Privacy, Reputation, and Identity, in the Digital Age.
Sol Bermann, University Privacy Officer Garlin Gilchrist II, Director of the Center for Social Media Responsibility Florian Schaub, Assistant Professor, School of Information The segment provides learners with ideas on questions such as:
  • What are actions users can take to help protect their privacy or better manage their data on social media platforms?
  • What are the biggest lessons companies, organizations, and users of social media should take away from the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica matter?
  • What is the role of privacy laws, regulations, and norms? How do they affect both industries and consumers?
  • Aside from following its own policies and the law, does a social media titan like Facebook have a greater ethical and social responsibility?
The Facebook & Cambridge Analytica segment is part of the University of Michigan Teach-Out: “Privacy, Reputation, and Identity in a Digital Age."